He says no to actuality reveals

What made you say yes to this role?

Since a long time, I have been waiting to play a character like this. Shiva is a rebellious man who looks tough but he has a heart of gold. The charismatic persona Shiva carries with him drew me towards this role.

Bawara Dil is a remake of the hit Marathi show Jeev Zala Yeda Pisa. Do you feel the pressure to create the same magic?

I am sure comparisons will be made. Through that we will get to know about our strength and weaknesses. It’ll help us improve. Our basic job is to entertain the audience and we will keep on doing that.

You are seen flaunting your physique in the promos. Any special preparation you have done?

Initially, when the talks were on for Shiva, the first question they asked was whether I knew swimming or not. Luckily, I know how to swim. Even then, I used to work out for at least two hours every day to keep myself fit.

You are back on the sets after a while. How does it feel?

Post Porus, when I was getting ready for TV, the pandemic happened. So, the long break wasn’t a planned one. There were offers in between but I was waiting for the right project and Bawara Dil is the ideal show. On day one, there was nervousness but at the same time there was excitement too.

What are the similarities between Shiva and Aditya?

Like Shiva, Aditya also has a soft heart and family is his priority.

How will you define your career?

I don’t have any regrets. Experience wise, I am richer with every show as I am learning something. I behave like a newcomer in every show. Even if we speak after 20 years, my reply will be the same.

The pandemic is still on. How comfortable are you?

Our shooting location is away from the city. The production house has fenced it properly so that no outsider can come in. Apart from that sanitising and social distancing are a must.

You are married to an actress. Is that why she understands you better?

According to me it’s not about being in the same profession. Natasha is a very good human being and that’s why her understanding level is good. She supports me completely.

What kind of shows do you prefer to watch?

I don’t watch much of Indian television. My all-time favourite is American sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

How do you unwind?

I go to the gym and that’s my way of unwinding. Since my college days I have always kept myself fit. I enjoy working out and apart from that I love playing tennis.

We have never seen you exploring the reality show genre. Will you try in future?

I want people to see me as a performer. My fans should know me as an actor rather than knowing my personal life.

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