Google Doodle pays a particular tribute to Zohra Segal

Zohra Segal received a heart-warming tribute from Google on Tuesday, September 29. The Google Doodle showed the late actress in a classical dance posture. Zohra was counted amongst India’s first artists to have achieved international recognition. An actress, dancer, and choreographer, Zohra Sehgal began her career as a member of a contemporary dance troupe. Later in the 1940s, she took up acting and flaunted her prowess. Known as the ‘doyenne of Indian theatre’, her career spanned over six decades, wherein she made a mark in several British films, TV shows, and Bollywood movies.

Known for her zest for life, Zohra Sehgal bid due to the world in 2014. She passed away at a ripe old age of 102. 

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