Get set for The Legend of Hanuman

From burning down Lanka to slaying demons, Mahabali Hanuman is worshipped by billions for his righteousness and devotion to Lord Ram. But not many know of his extraordinary journey of self-discovery— the story of a humble vaanara who forgot about his divinity, and how the people around him helped him discover the God within him. Narrated by Sharad Kelkar, the tale of the mighty warrior Lord Hanuman comes alive in The Legend of Hanuman, a visually mesmerising portrayal of an epic saga by Hotstar Specials.

Kelkar, who lends his voice as the sootradhar in the show, says, “Most of us have grown up either listening to tales of Lord Hanuman or watching it on television. Interestingly, we know little about his formative years. The Legend of Hanuman is a visually rich tale of a God who forgot who he was, and believed he was just a vaanara. As a sootradhar, it’s my privilege to lend my voice in a way that ties that story together; it’s been a truly unique experience.”

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