For Rohit Choudhary it’s consolation over trend

Be it formal attire or an ethnic outfit, or casual wear, actor and real-estate entrepreneur Rohit Choudhary can nail any look. But he says that he doesn’t believe in following any celebrity or any trend, instead he creates one.

Rohit says, “You shouldn’t wear a particular style of clothing just because someone famous is wearing it. You should first think about whether you will be comfortable in it or not. I also feel style has a lot to do with grooming. Like you need to have your hair in place, if you sport a beard or a moustache, then it shouldn’t look messy at all.”

Speaking of trends, the Aamdar Nivas actor says, “I don’t believe in following trends, I believe in making them. For me, it’s always comfort over style. Also, I don’t follow any celebrities for their style.”

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