For now, it’s solely work, says Rajshri Rani

Tell us about your love for acting.

Acting and camera are my bread and butter and I adore every part of it. Be it getting ready for shots, rehearsing my lines, being on the sets or shooting, I like everything except pack-up! When I am in front of the camera, I am not Rajshri, I am my character and I love to bring this diversity in my life.

What is your role in Namak Issk Ka?

I am playing the sister-in-law of the hero. They are very close to each other. I am a very positive and kind-hearted person. My look in the show is different – there is a patch on the right side of my face. The viewers will get to know about it during the latter part of the show.

How has life changed after marriage?

I feel it is too early to talk about the changes in life. Gaurav and I are both back at work and will take time to settle down in our new life. Since Gaurav is also an actor, the understanding will be much better. The base of our relationship is friendship. Whatever comes our way, we will handle it with love.

When are you guys planning your honeymoon?

Right now our families will not allow us to go for our honeymoon due to the pandemic. And honestly, there is no day off from the shoots now, so whenever we will get some time off we will think about the destination.

Marriage, then travelling and now shooting, how are you maintaining things in the new normal?

For the last couple of months, the wedding preparation was going on. I was travelling to Delhi for shopping and then it took place in Gwalior. So now, I am used to travelling during the pandemic. I took all precautions and followed all the guidelines. The new normalcy is something we all need to follow; we don’t have any other option.

Who has been your biggest support in life?

My dad and I share a great bond. He is my mentor, guide and confidante. I feel that his experience in life is so much more than mine and he can teach me so much about life.

We hear you like attending mushairas. Is it true?

I feel that Urdu is a beautiful language and even a simple sentence in the language sounds fancy as well as classy. This is why my most favourite thing to do in the world is attending mushairas. Just sitting, with a cup of tea in my hand, listening to amazing poetry is so soothing and rejuvenating.

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