For actor Nikhil Khurana, his mom-made rajma-chawal comes underneath the consolation meals class

proud Punjabi, Nikhil Khurana is riding high on the success of his serial Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare on Zee TV. This talented and handsome actor from Chandigarh gets candid with us…

The shooting has begun amid the new normal.What precautions are you taking?

We are taking all the necessary precautions on the sets. There are sanitizer stands installed at various points and our crew members wear masks as well as face shields while interacting with us.

What is unique about the show?

It is a light-hearted show that showcases the relationship of Ram and Dulari, and how she turns to traditional ‘nuskhe’ to keep him safe from the clutches of other women vying for his attention.

Why did you choose this show?

I found the concept and the characters quite appealing. The show has a humorous tone. I love such kind of shows.

What kind of preparations have you done for your role?

Ram is an ideal man.I spent time understanding the personality and nature of this character. I also spent equal amount of time understanding Dulari as a woman, and her reasons for being so insecure about her husband. I believe it’s extremely important to know the role and all the elements that impact the character before you begin portraying it onscreen.

What healthy snack do you munch on?

I carry a packet of oil-free methi khakras to the sets. Sometimes, I also carry a box of dry fruits. I believe in eating small portions at regular intervals because shooting for long hours on an empty stomach is quite unhealthy and can also distract you from your work.

What is your fitness regimem?

I exercise and eat right.My regimen usually begins with 20 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of weight training, which I do before heading to my shoots. I carry healthy and home-cooked food with me to the sets.

How are you keeping yourself fit these days?

I try to do some form of exercise even on the days I am unable to take out time for a proper workout. Whenever I get some free time on the sets, I start doing pull-ups or I go for a run around. There is no fixed schedule.

One thing about Punjabis that you like the most…

I love the fact that we Punjabis have a strong will-power. We refuse to give up. Another quality that I adore is that we are always carefree and manage to deal with any situation in a calm manner.

One place you visit in Punjab when you are stressed…

I visit Chandigarh.It is my hometown and it always feels great to come back to my family. I have done my schooling and also completed my graduation in commerce from DAV College, Sector 10. Chandigarh holds a special place in my heart.

Which Punjabi dish is your favourite?

Rajma-chawal. I can eat themat any time of the day, especially the ones made by my mom.

Do you like watching Punjabi films?

Yes, absolutely! I have watched several Punjabi films and Jatt and Juliet is my favourite.I love Diljit Dosanjh.

What is your all-time favourite Punjabi song?

Oh, there are so many and it’s hard to pick one! But if I have to, I think I would go with Dil Legayi Kudi Gujarat Di. It has a really upbeat and peppy tune.

Prominent historical places you would recommend to your friends to visit in Punjab?

Wagahborder and JallianwalaBagh.

One food item you cannot resist?

I simply cannot resist pizzas!

You are obsessed about…

My profession! I am constantly finding ways to improve myself.

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