For actor Aman Kotish, dietary advantages are most essential in any meals merchandise he consumes

Gurnaaz Kaur

Starting off with Punjabi videos with singers, including Diljit Dosanjh, Amrit Mann, Dilpreet Dhillon and many others, Aman Kotish got his big break in Romeo Ranjha. There has been no looking back for this actor, who has worked in 25 Kille, Rupinder Gandhi 2, Ranjha Refugee and even in a TV series titled Paltan. A simple person at heart, his food choices are about nutrition.

In the list of my favourites, first one is traditional Punjabi delicacy called choori. I like it not just because of its taste, but also due to its nutritional benefits.

Other than Indian, I would choose Japanese. I especially love noodles. The good thing about Japanese cuisine is that they are not so much into spices, but really care about the nutritional value. I think that’s the prominent reason for the longevity of the people in Japan.

I vividly remember stopping at this place named Kesar Dhaba on the way to Amritsar. I tried the Amritsar kulcha with an extraordinarily large glass of buttermilk. It’s a must-try for everyone!

  • Occasional street food trips

I rarely eat street food, but I surely get tempted for cheese wraps. I don’t know whether it’s the sauces, the cheese, the wrap or is it all of these together, but that’s my pick in the category.

  • When it’s about eating out

Normally, I don’t feel an urge to eat out. But when I do, then I like sitting at dhabas as they offer good quality food and you don’t have to pay heftily. Their dal makhani and tandoori roti with some butter floating on it…That’s indulgence.

It would irrefutably be the one every Punjabi loves -aaloo ka parantha.And when my mother cooks, nothing compared to it. She has this way of stuffing the paranthas with potatoes, making it multi-layered and still a slender one! A bowl of curd, some pickle and butter would make for an ideal combination.

I am not a typical foodie, so food fantasy isn’t my thing generally, but a few days back I watched the making of soya chap on some cooking show. The way it was presented made me want to try it.

If I had to depend on just one specific food, it would be the simple dal-roti. I am not too fussy about food and the most important aspect of a meal for me is its nutritional value, which dal-roti has in the right measure.

Well, not perfectly but adequately. I have learnt how to cook rice, some dried veggies, chapatis and even poha. On some days it feels enough, but I look forward to trying my hand at other dishes.

My favourite dessert is gulab jamun. In fact, I have a big sweet tooth and I’ve had to control it to stay in shape. If I could, I would literally devour a box full of gulab jamuns without a second thought.

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