Fonzy set for TV premiere

What if one fine day you wake up to realise that you have fathered over 500 children? Sounds like a nightmare! If this totally bizarre plot rings a bell, here’s a French comedy that is sure to leave you in splits! &PrivéHD is all set to premiere this entertaining foreign language film based on a sperm donation exercise gone wrong, Fonzy on April 23 at 9 pm.

This rib-tickling comedy is based on the life of Diego (José Garcia), an ordinary fish delivery man. Fonzy opens with Diego’s mundane life taking a drastic turn with the announcement of his girlfriend Elsa’s (Audrey Fleurot) pregnancy. Flashback to 20 years, using the pseudo name Fonzy, Diego regularly donated his sperm for research. Cut to present, at the age of 42, his past catches up with him as he discovers that he is the biological father to 533 children, 142 of whom want to know who this Fonzy is. Caught in a rather unique legal feud, the fun-loving Fonzy tries hard to keep his sanity in check.

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