Followers handle me as Mamiji, says Neelam Pathania

Neelam Pathania aka Godambhari Bhatt Dhyani has been creating ripples on the show Qurbaan Hua. “My character, Godambhari, is versatile in its own way. She is comical, sarcastic, emotional, loving and has negative shades too. We all have seen such characters in real life. I think we both are similar in a way that we are both emotional and loving. I like the comic streak in her, and that’s something I am learning from her,” she says.

On the response to her role, Neelam says, “So far it has been immensely positive. I get a lot of messages on Instagram and Facebook. Fans like to address me as Mamiji…”

Pathania feels that the title of the show suits the storyline. “This is a story about Neel and Chahat, who are going against their families and religious barriers created by our society to fulfil their love. It’s really beautiful to see how honest and true they are. I think sacrifices are part of one’s life,” she adds.

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