First photos of Pranitaa Pandit’s child woman!

Pranitaa and Shivi Pandit have shared the primary photos of their child woman, Anysha Pandit. Pranitaa, who’s in her second month of motherhood, is having a good time.

The actress says, “Motherhood is a roller-coaster ride, full of miracles and madness. It’s a life-changing experience for me. My daily routine is all about taking care of her. Right from feeding her to putting her to sleep. It is extremely tough and monotonous for people like us who are used to go out and meet friends. Thanks to the pandemic, we are locked in for quite some time now.”

Talking about naming her daughter as Anysha, Pranitaa says, “I wanted a name which sounds good and also has a good meaning. Anysha means a unique and good soul.”

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