Filmmaker Jayesh Jaidka talks about his cinematic journey

How has been your professional journey so far?

I started acting at a very early age of eight years. Later during my teens, I realised my interest was in filmmaking and my first project as a filmmaker was a short film titled Déjà vu.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

As the industry is endlessly changing, my inspiration goes back and forth depending on the project I’m working on. But a few that have stayed constant would be Martin Mcdonagh, Christopher Nolan, Edgar Wright, David Fincher and Martin Scorsese.

What’s a dream screening for you?

I would love to be recognised for a film that I have both directed and acted in. Just like Ben Affleck in the film Argo.

What has been your most challenging project?

The pilot for my TV show Highbread.

So how well is Highbread doing till now?

The pilot was finished in December 2019 and the pitching process is still on. Highbread has gone to 24 film festivals till now and I have won 15 awards (For Best Director, Best TV Pilot and Best Editor), including a TellyAward.

How do you market your film?

There are ways to go about it, but most of them require you to spend money. I use the approach of holding private screenings, film festivals and then eventually meeting influential personalities who can get the word out for my film.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on finishing the development phase of my TV show Highbread along with my co-creator Daniel Blanda. I’m also in the post-production phase of the pilot episode of a pyscho-thriller anthology series Cafe Leviathon. Apart from TV space, I am writing my first feature film and looking for potential collaborators. 

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