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March 31: Haunted: Latin America on Netflix

The Haunted series is one of the most successful horror productions of Netflix. The original production debuted in 2018 and it examines the horror stories that different people have experienced, which do not have a logical explanation. The new season, which will premiere on March 31, will have stories from all over Latin America.

April 1: Worn Stories on Netflix

Worn Stories opens the closets of a diverse group of people to reveal a treasure trove of tales about the meaning behind articles of clothing. Be it a pair of boots symbolising survival or a uniform that reaffirms an identity, the series illuminates the lives of the wearers through stories about cherished articles of clothing. Each episode is organised by a theme and features a mix of interviews from cultural figures to talented storytellers.

April 1: Prank Encounters Season 2 on Netflix

Hosted by Gaten Matarazzo of ‘Stranger Things’ fame, each episode of this terrifying and hilarious prank show takes two complete strangers on the surprise ride of a lifetime. It’s business as usual until their paths collide and their one-day assignments turn into supernatural surprises. Where fear meets fun, Prank Encounters is the most elaborate hidden camera prank show ever devised!

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