‘Endurance holds the important thing’

Can you tell us more about your character, Veer, in Hero—Gayab Mode On?

Veer is the ‘boy-next-door’, who will be seen trying to solve everyone’s issues on an everyday level. The entire show is based on my journey and my quest to find my father. Veer is very compassionate, responsible, loving and he can never hurt anyone, even if someone hurts him.

Did you have any apprehensions prior to signing up for a sci-fi show?

I was only a bit scared of whether I would be able to pull off the stunts that I am required to do, as I had lost touch with all the sports and extracurricular activities that I used to do because of my studies. Apart from that, I was very excited to be a part of such an amazing show.

What makes this show different from the rest?

I think the biggest quality of this show is that it depicts the superhero and the superpower so beautifully in its entirety. When it comes to invisibility, people always think about the things that can be done after being invisible. However, there is much more in the show to explore.

How has your shooting experience been in the ‘new normal’?

It was a totally new experience to shoot under the guidelines because this is a time when you have to be extremely responsible and extra-cautious about your health.

What kind of preparations have you done for the role?

I have been training in acrobats and gymnastics, as the role requires me to perform a lot of stunts. I am also working on my body to get it into shape, as I have been enjoying chhole bhature and a lot of other delicious food during the lockdown.

What is your biggest learning from the TV industry?

Patience holds the key.

When not shooting, what do you do?

I am doing Law right now, so I always study whenever I am not shooting. I also start creating, writing and directing something!

Which genre would you prefer the most for your next?

I haven’t thought about it, but anything that comes my way, I will accept it as a challenge and would love to face it.  

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