Ekta Kapoor is advertising genius, says Sidharth Shukla

The winner of Bigg Boss 13, TV and Bollywood actor Sidharth Shukla has made his OTT debut with AltBalaji’s Broken But Beautiful 3. The actor talks to us about the show, his role and more

The first two seasons of Broken But Beautiful were quite successful. Was there any extra pressure for you to portray the role?

I’m glad that the franchise has done well but that doesn’t change anything for me as an actor. It’s a new story, a new script, new character and so for me the pressure is to perform for myself and my audience and it has nothing to do with previous seasons.

What is the USP of this new season?

It’s a real story with characters that are relatable.

What was your prep work for the role?

I thought about similar situations which I had been in and the rest all fell into place.

The girl opposite you, Sonia, is debuting with this show. How did you make her comfortable in front of the camera?

I understand the feeling of being on the set on the first day. Hence, I just went to her, greeted her and we spoke. I cracked a few jokes and was myself so that it didn’t feel like two strangers were working together. She’s confident in her craft which is a huge plus since it’s her first show.

How will you define Ekta Kapoor, the maker of this show?

A marketing genius, who has changed the path of content in our country.

OTT space is new to you, do you see working yourself more in this?

I would love to but rather than looking at the medium, I take on work looking at the challenge it brings to me.

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