Divya Khosla Kumar will get emotional on MTV’s Forbidden Angels

Forbidden Angels, the show which gives a platform to girls from a common background to prove their mettle, will see Divya Khosla Kumar as a special guest in the semi-final episode, which will be aired on April 30 on MTV. Divya got emotional after listening to participants’ stories and also shared a few experiences from her life to encourage them. She said, “I was 16 when I first came to Mumbai with a bag full of dreams. I came here to achieve something in life and satisfy my creative thirst. Sometimes I feel very bad when people say, ‘Oh, she is Bhushan’s wife and it must be so easy for her’. But I want to say that it was after eight years of my marriage that I made my first movie and had it not been difficult, it would not have taken me this much time to make a film.”

She added, “It’s been a long struggle. I was working behind the scenes for 10 long years. Back then, music video budgets were insignificant and I had no assistant directors or art directors for most of the songs I directed. When you are behind the camera, the hard work and dedication goes unrecognised. But I didn’t give up and I am glad I didn’t.”

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