Diljit Dosanjh affords Kangana Ranaut his PR job; says ‘don’t suppose Punjabis will neglect what you’ve accomplished’

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Chandigarh, January 6

Punjabi singer Diljit Dosanjh has reacted to Kangana Ranaut’s latest comments against him. 

Diljit has said that he should appoint Kangana has his public relations person, seeing as how obsessed she is with him. 

On Monday, Kangana had accused Diljit of going on vacations after fuelling the farmers’ protests. 

To this, Diljit shared a video of an elderly woman hitting out at Kangana. 

He wrote in a tweet, in Punjabi, that his allegiances were, are, and will always remain with the state of Punjab. 

“You live with such misconceptions about yourself, don’t think Punjabis have forgotten what you’ve done. We will have our answer for you soon.”

Kangana responded to this with a tweet in Hindi. She wrote: “Time will tell, friend, who fought for the rights of the farmers and who against them… Hundred lies cannot hide one truth, and you will never be hated if you care for someone with all your heart. You think all of Punjab is against me? Haha don’t dream so big your heart will break.”

Diljit replied in Punjabi, “I don’t understand what her problem with farmers is. Ma’am, all of Punjab is with the farmers. No one is talking about you.” Sharing a news report about Kangana’s previous attacks against him, the singer wondered if he should hire her as his PR representative.

Kangana, in a tweet, sarcastically praised Diljit’s efforts to stand in solidarity with agitating farmers. Reacting to Diljit’s tweet, which carried four images of him, in a snowy environment, Kangana wrote, “Wah brother!! Desh mein aag lagake kisanon ko sadak le baitha ke local karantikaris videsh mein thand ka maza le rahe hain, wah!!! Isko kehte hain local kranti… (Wow, brother. After instigating farmers and making them sit on the streets, the ‘local revolutionary’ is enjoying the winter holidays abroad. This is a true local revolution).”

Kangana and Diljit’s war of words started last year—with him referring to a tweet posted by her on November 27—in which she wrongly identified an old woman at the ongoing farmers’ protest as Bilkis, the face of the Shaheen Bagh protest.

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