Dhvani Bhanushali is making an attempt to lure the audiences again to theatres


Dhvani Bhanushali’s favourite childhood memory is going to cinemas with her parents and sister on Sundays. In the new normal of 2021, she becomes a part of an initiative to bring the audience back in the cinema halls. On January 10, she will take part in a concert at PVR Juhu, Mumbai, which will be screened at 17 cities across the country.

“I am so happy to do something which has not been tried before. It will be a real-time concert and I am really happy to be back where I belong,” says Dhvani. With singles like Vaaste and Leja Re and a number of songs for movies like Ishtehaar, Veere, Koka, Nachi Nachi to her credit, Dhvani started her musical journey like anybody else –singing and listening to music. “For me, music is my passion, a hobby and sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s my full-time career now,” she laughs.

While 2020 came as a jolt to her like to everyone else, she thinks it was not a complete waste. “I could have accomplished a lot more things in 2020, but it made me sit back, think, put priorities in place and carry on.”

Like any other artiste, she missed performing on stage. “Live performances are what we artistes live for. It was difficult staying away from the stage. My earnings crashed too. One could always make music with the help of technology, but one had to be in the right frame of mind to do that.”

Ask Dhvani what did she miss the most throughout the period of the pandemic and she says, “My whole life. I really pray that all is back to normal soon as we have the vaccines. Aren’t we all living half-heartedly? Theatres used to be such a part and parcel of our lives, to imagine that audience need to be coaxed to visit one now is strange.”

Dhvani lists Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Arijit Singh, Shreya Goshal, Selena Gomez, Rosalia and Charlie Puth as her idols. Among the Punjabi singers, she is fond of Guru Randhawa, Maninder Buttar, Barbie Maan, Jass Manak and Nimrat Khaira.

“I am just starting. There is something to learn from everyone.” Early in her journey hits have come her way, Vaaste winning her the spot as the first Indian to make it to the Global List of Fastest 1 Billion Views. “The most important thing for me is to connect to the song, only then the audience will be able to connect to it. While I understand that not every song would fetch a billon views, still it’s an added bonus that people now recognise me as the Vaaste singer,” she says.

Her 2021 resolution is to listen to good music, be happy, spend time with family, to go out with care, get inspired and make music.

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