Dev Kharoud and Japji Khera begin taking pictures for the sequel of Daakuan Da Munda

Gurnaaz Kaur

unjabi cinema is back in action, literally. The shooting of the sequel of Daakuan Da Munda has commenced with Dev Kharoud and Japji Khera in the leads.

The poster release of the movie has created a buzz on social media and Dev himself is quite excited about the flick. It’s the same team of Dakuaan Da Munda coming back together for this one — Mandeep Benipal is the director and Ravneet Kaur Chahal and Rajesh Kumar of Dream Reality Movies along with Munish Sahni and Aniket Kawade of Omjee Star Studios are producing it. But what’s different about the sequel is the story. Inspired by real-life, Dakuaan Da Munda-2 is an adaptation of Punjabi book Shararti Tatt. It narrates the life and hardships of Manga Singh Antal. Dev’s new look is quite interesting. “This is also an autobiography but it is nothing similar to Mintu Gursaria ji’s story. Every life has its own journey. Manga Singh in his book talks about his college days. He emphasises on how young boys consider being mischievous and disobedient as a good thing; being notorious is a matter of pride for them.”

If the stories are not co-related, then why keep the same name? “The producers have decided to retain the title as it has been a commercial success. Their thought is to bring true stories related to social issues on the big screen under the same name. It is not every day that a movie becomes a blockbuster. The audience has a certain expectation from the name and we want to live up to it.”

Yes, part two also revolves around drug addiction. Dev says, “It’s also about the beautiful bond between a husband and wife. The wife makes every effort to make him aware about the dangers of drug abuse while the husband tries every trick in the book to fool her. He goes to the extent of exploiting his family. This, if you look around, is the reality that drug addicts live. They end up killing people for the sake of one dose.”

Japji is happy to be associated with the franchise. “The script is very powerful and the subject is quite relevant. I’ve seen the first part and I liked it very much. I think it is a matter of joy for any actor to be a part of such an entertaining film that has a message.”

Her role has three parts, of a volleyball player, a girl-friend and that of a wife. “I’ve played the sport in my college so that part is easy but to play a wife whose husband lies to her, her struggles and helplessness, the anger she is the challenging part. Having said that I do feel sad and sorry for the women who go through so much trouble because of someone else’s wrong decisions.”

If drug abuse is a common link between the two parts, action can’t be left behind. Looking at Dev’s career graph one can find many commonalities but the actor thinks there is no reason to fear typecasting. “Even if I do a romantic role where I am singing love songs (which I honestly want to do), there will still be action in it. Everyone else is also just doing comedy, so isn’t it better that I do something that’s not so common in the industry? As far as doing autobiographies, this is my fourth and it’s a huge challenge to separate one from the other. The looks, behaviour, everything has to be anew. From being Gandhi to Mintu Gursariya and now Manga Singh Antal, I’ve learnt a lot, improved my craft and become confident about what I am doing.”

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