Debina for donating plasma

Actress Debina Bonnerjee encourages her fans to donate plasma, since plasma therapy is proving to be an effective way to combat Covid-19.

“I urge everyone who has recovered from Covid-19, to check with their doctors and then go ahead and donate your plasma. Plasma donation has proven to be an effective way to combat Covid-19, as many patients who are in critical stages are benefitting from plasma from Covid-recovered patients,” she said.

She adds: “This is the least we can do to salvage the current situation and every donation counts. So, please go ahead and donate your plasma.” The actress says that she and her husband actor Gurmeet Choudhary have also donated plasma.

“Post recovering from Covid, My husband and I visited our local clinic and we donated our plasma. While there are millions of people getting affected, there is also a large chunk of the population that is recovering and has been able to fight Covid 19. Since I am a plasma donor, I have the donor card and I found out that there is no plasma available as of now and there is an acute shortage of the same. People should come ahead and donate plasma, just like they donate blood,” she says. —IANS 

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