Deal with the goal, says actor Manish Verma

How is the show Teri Meri Ikk Jindri different?

The show’s content is very fresh and unique. It showcases love and relationships through two personalities who hail from different backgrounds, yet come together and fall in love against all odds. And, somehow, we can all relate to this kind of show.

Are the characters you essay always the kind of roles that you have sought?

Definitely. When Teri Meri Ikk Jindri was offered to me, I immediately said yes because I always wanted to go for a character that has many shades and playing a negative role on-screen helps me hone my acting skills.

As a student how did you fare in your academics?

I was completing my graduation in B. Com when acting happened. I used to go back on weekends to Delhi and that’s when my brother would teach me. The lectures that he gave helped in my revision when my exams were near.

What is a day like in the life of Manish Verma?

If it is not my shooting routine, I usually like spending the entire day with my father. He has been the reason behind my dream and spending time with him gives me all the courage I require.

How do you define yourself?

I am unaware of my own capabilities, but I do know that if I desire something really strongly… I achieve it anyhow.

These days we see many actors opting for web series; would you?

If I get a chance, why not? But for now, focus is on TV only.

As they say an actor’s life has a fair share of struggles. What keeps you going?

I have never really focused on the struggles. My focus ever since I decided to be an actor has been on my target.

What is your fitness regime?

Fitness is about staying happy and positive. I am a fitness enthusiast and literally can’t let a day go by without a workout.

Name a celebrity who inspires you to look fit?

Vidyut Jamwal.

Being away from home, what is the one thing you miss the most?

Mummy ke haath ka khana!

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