Darasing Khurana to make his appearing debut with Punjabi movie Bai Ji Kuttange

What is your role in Bai ji Kuttange?

I play the right hand man of Dev Kharoud, the super-talented action hero of Punjabi film industry.

What is your fitness regime?

More than exercising, I try to watch what I eat. I go by the saying abs are made in the kitchen! I am not very fond of long workouts, so eating healthy and having small portions multiple times a day is my thing.

Who according to you is the fittest actor in Pollywood?

Kartar Cheema.

Name a celebrity who inspires you to look fit?

My friend Rohit Khandelwal. His discipline and commitment towards fitness is commendable.

What were the challenges you faced while working in the industry and how did you overcome them?

People were friendly otherwise, but the moment you asked them for work they made you feel like you were not in the room! Also, the feeling of being an outsider on the sets was weird. It took me a lot of time to get used to these two things. The biggest challenge was to feel alright within, while these things were happening around.

How important is Pollywood to you?

Everything is important for me. I take my work very seriously. Watching myself on the big screen was a dream that Pollywood will make me realise!

What has been your biggest learning from the fashion world?

No matter what is going on within you, always face the world with your head held high.

Can you name your friends from the industry?

Pooja Chopra and VardhanPuri.

What is the philosophy you live by?

Live in the present.

Does criticism affect you? How do you deal with it?

Honestly, it does hurt in the beginning but then I spend some time with myself, reflect on what I was criticised for, and, if I feel I do need to change I work towards it!

What kind of films would you like to experiment with in your career?

I would like to do films that are based on real-life stories.

What is the real Darasing Khurana like?

The real Darasing is kind; his aim is to spread smiles. He is a visionary, man of his word, sometimes lazy but usually committed. He is a family man at heart.

What are your views on OTT?

I feel OTT is a great platform to explore.

Are you staying in touch with your fans as well?

Absolutely! I love them and I am always in touch with them. —Dharam Pal

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