Chandigarh-boy Madhav Shharma talks about his journey to this point

What are the key projects you have done?

My debut in television was with the role of Tej Khan in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh after which I acted in Love School Season 3. Before the lockdown, my film The Journey Weekend Night got released and recently I played a role in the web series Crashh.

What made you shift your focus from modelling to acting?

Yes, I came to Mumbai to become a model but then I soon realised that I couldn’t survive only with modelling. So, I started giving auditions, joined some acting workshops to learn the art. Initially, it started as a source of extra income but slowly, acting became my passion.

How difficult was it to get work in the initial stages?

It was very difficult as I didn’t know anyone, and many fake people were there too who tried to loot with their Ponzi schemes.

How much do you miss Chandigarh?

I miss Chandigarh very much. Chandigarh ki baat hi kuch aur hain. The food, the atmosphere, everything there is totally refreshing. And there is nothing better than enjoying makki di roti and sarso da saag with butter over there.

You have done film, web and television. How different do you find these mediums to work on?

I have worked in all of the mediums and I like them equally well. In television, you have no time to prepare as many times you receive the script at the end moment. But in film and web series, you have time to prepare for the whole scenario. That’s how these mediums are different from each other.

What is your take on the craze for OTT?

I believe the plethora of web platforms have done wonders for many aspiring actors. Now, everyone is getting a fair chance and talent is recognised. More than actors, the writers are getting fair pay and recognition. The OTT platforms have proved that ‘content is king’.

Nowadays actors are judged on the basis of social media followers. What is your take on it?

I believe it’s unfair, because numbers in social media have nothing to do with the calibre of the actors. The number game is all good for brands but with respect to acting on screen, it doesn’t prove anything.

What is the worst fear?

That I will become fat again. I was 120 kg before coming to Mumbai, when my father told me that I have a good face and I should try modelling, then I started transforming my body by doing various kinds of exercises and weightlifting and by maintaining a good healthy diet.

What type of roles do you want to do now?

I am still at the early stage in my acting career. So, I want to take a slow course and experiment as much as I can.

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