Celebs share how they maintain nervousness at bay throughout these powerful instances

Gurnaaz Kaur

The lockdown and the prevailing uncertainty are taking a toll on all of us. Every day as we wake up to grim news, one feels anxious. Celebrities open up about how they are coping with the lockdown blues and urge people to focus on their mental health.

A period of 17 days in isolation made Aahana Kumra very anxious, as she was reading about how the death rate in India was escalating. Feeling helpless was natural. “I had massive meltdowns in front of my family over video calls. It did pose a lot of threat to my mental health.” But the actress knew she had to find a way out. “Exercising in the morning is a must for me. Apart from that, I make sure to clean my house and water the plants. Something that is very relaxing and therapeutic for me is to chant. It keeps me calm. All of this together has helped me find peace amidst the chaos.”

Dealing with stress

Loneliness is an emotion that people across the world are dealing with. Elnaaz Norouzi is no exception. “I’ve had my share of anxiety, but activities like listening to my favourite song and cooking something new helps. What works best for me is meditation. Even 15 minutes to relax your mind goes a long way. And more than ever, I’ve realised, when feeling low, seeking help, reaching out to someone changes the whole game.”

Without mincing words, Aashram actor Chandan Roy Sanyal admits, “Well, this part of the pandemic is tougher than the last time. In the past two weeks, I have seen many from my family and friend circle perish in Delhi, and at the other places. I go through anxiety when I wake up. Playing some good music is the best therapy then.” Chandan also gets help from his cats, as the responsibility of looking after them gives him the motivation to stay strong. “I tell myself I have to carry on with my everyday workout; cooking, cleaning and do as best as I can because I need to survive for them.”

ACP Aditya of Murder Meri Jaan, Tanuj Virwani, says, “Sometimes, this pin-drop silence in a city like Mumbai, which never sleeps, can get scary. The first few days were like a much-needed break but when it kept getting extended, and there was this growing number of deaths, it felt devastating. It was almost like combating an invisible enemy.” With such fear looming large, Tarun finds happiness with his loved ones. He looks at the pandemic as a reminder to how precious, yet fragile, life is; “So, we have to make the most of each day by counting our blessings and striving to help each other.”

Meditation helps

Barkha Singh too has dealt with a feeling of helplessness as a witness to the mass suffering around us. But instead of letting it overpower her, she decided to be a warrior. “Besides following a routine to keep my mind sane, I have been using my social media handles to help gather, verify and mobilise Covid resources, as much as I can. It gives a meaning to my day. I feel being creative, finding a new hobby and meditating helps a great deal.”

Being away from one’s family, not knowing when it would be safe to go back home can cause unsurmountable stress. Jonita Gandhi fought this and much more. “Because I live alone halfway around the world away from my family, it was scary first. But I gave myself some time and space to face the fear; I reminded myself that worrying about things I can’t control would only add to the stress. Instead I tried to make the best of the situation and spent time working on self-initiated music, which I’ve wanted to work on for quite a long time now.”

Even as she tested positive, Arzutra Garielle, found power in a dream. “When I was dealing with Covid-19, so many people sent their wishes as I was locked up in a room for days. It kept me charged up. I then had a dream to make a difference once I was fine. My way of giving back was by playing free music for people with Covid. I did over 50 one-on-one Zoom call performances.”

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