Celebs say eat however run, dance or sip heat water to do away with further energy this festive season


The crowd is back in bazaars, forgetting the pandemic as a bad memory, ready to embrace festivities. Now, here comes the big concern—how to stay fit through this season of feasting, and who better than the ‘fit’ celebs to seek inspiration from…

Dancing away to glory

I have a sweet tooth. I eat but I make sure that I exercise double of what my normal routine is, generally dividing into two sessions, morning and night. This helps me shed extra weight which I gain during the festivity. I think dance is a great form of exercise. It keeps me happy and energized. Plus I end up burning calories and being fit too. So, I would ask everyone to eat healthy and dance, keep the balance.

— Sheen Dass, Indiawali Maa

Small portions, healthy options

I try indulging in small bits of delicacies during the festive season. This way you don’t even put on extra weight. I love sweets and since refined sugar makes one fat, I prefer sweets made of jaggery (gud) which are healthy and tasty as well. I am not that fond of exercising. Instead I follow a strict diet. Also, I prefer sports like badminton over gym.

— Sonal Vengurlekar, Gupta Brothers, Chaar Kunwaare From Ganga Kinaare

Run for your life

To look nice on screen you need to keep away from cravings. I am fortunate because I do not have a sweet tooth. Enjoy the get-together and keep away from the temptations of food. If you do indulge, run like you’re being chased by bulls and burn it.

— Fahmaan Khan, Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Bond with warm water

I love sweets, which is usual for a Punjabi. My mother makes sure that I eat only homemade sweets. I do a lot of cardio (skipping, cycling and running) and I keep sipping lukewarm water which burns extra calories. In the festive season, eat your meals on time, (no water intake pre or post meal), keep sipping warm water the entire day, find alternatives of sugar.

— Karan Arora, Kasautti Zindagi Kay

Eat and burn those calories

I gorge on sweets till my body tells me to stop. I fast for a few days to let my body use up what all I ate. Through the festivities, one can still make time for an early morning walk. Eat and burn the calories to keep fit.

— Nyra Banerjee

Squeeze in simple workouts

No festival is complete without sweets. I love having sweets. But yes, I do keep a count of what I am eating and if there is some free time I do go for a walk or exercise. Eat whatever you want through the season, just squeeze in simple workouts.

— Paritosh Tripathi

Balance it out

I never leave an opportunity to get my hands on some desserts because I have a sweet tooth. I just add some more water to my regular intake and an extra 10 minutes to my workout session the next day. It is all about balance. Some days I have a crazy dance session with my family members. The trick is not to feel guilty for having an extra serving and not feel lazy to burn out that extra serving.

— Priyal Mahajan, Molkki

Live in the moment, burn later

The festive season is for eating and enjoying it to the fullest. While I am regular with my exercise routine, during festivals my focus is to enjoy every moment. An intense workout session post festivities works well for me.

— Ranjha Vikram Singh

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