Celebs, on World Atmosphere Day, encourage individuals to undertake sustainable residing for a greater tomorrow


World Environment Day gains a new significance as the pandemic-stricken world tries to work towards a new normal, taking lessons from the past. Conserving water, taking up cycling, saying no to plastic to green drives, celebs share how they have been doing their bit towards a sustainable future.

Live in harmony

Bhumi Pednekar runs her social media advocacy platform Climate Warrior that aims to educate people about climate change. “When I was 8 or 9 years old, I used to think what would happen if our water level rises or what would happen if one day our planet becomes too hot? Because in school you are taught about such things and that stayed with me,” says Bhumi. As a Climate Warrior, she says, “My goal as a climate warrior this year is to see if people would adopt planet-conscious behaviour. We do see that there is a lot more re-plantation than deforestation. Ten years from today I want to look back and be like “Oh wow! We are happily coexisting with all those millions of species that rightfully share this planet with us.”

Need more and more trees

I feel that saving and protecting our natural resources and planting more trees is a great way to save our environment. While I indulge in green practices, today is special that I will celebrate with planting more trees. – Rajniesh Duggal

Clean up the environment

Ranjha Vikram

On this day my thoughts are for the generations to come. We have to go for trees plantations for a cleaner environment and pure oxygen. To stop pollution of toxic gases from industries is another of my concern. – Ranjha Vikram Singh

All the right steps

I, under the banner of my foundation Dream Buds Foundation, have taken several initiatives for the preservation of environment. The recent was in February when 100 saplings were planted at village Devinagar Abrawan in Mohali. To mark any important occasion such as my birthday, I always plant saplings. Also, I go for car pooling whenever I can as it helps improving the air quality. – Diljott

Plastic is a big no

Rajat Verma

While I live environment-friendly the entire year, World environment Day is a very good concept. Reviving our damaged ecosystem is the need of the hour. I plant saplings as often as possible. Plastic is big no no. I have switched to cloth bags for shopping. Apart from this, whenever I go out to eat something, I ensure not to use plastic cutlery. These might be little things but help hugely towards our green goal. – Rajat Verma

Small deeds, big results

Vikas Rao

For reducing the carbon footprint, I walk and cycle. Secondly, I don’t buy single-use plastics, and opt for reusable items. Small individual efforts like growing trees, making cities green or cleaning up trash alongside beaches can ensure a cleaner environment. – Vikas Rao

Change your habits

Sanjay Gagnani

We are the only inhabitants of this planet who have always taken mother nature and her capacity to absorb our irresponsibility towards her for granted. Over the last few years, I have been consciously making an attempt to change habits that may harm nature. I deeply care for water conservation and at my level I try my best to preserve water during any household or personal work. – Sanjay Gagnani

Check air pollution

Yash Sinha

I believe we all have become conscious about our environment. Air pollution is a very serious concern looming over us today and I ensure to get my cars checked for the PUC regularly. This is something that every vehicle owner must do without fail to have cleaner air. At our home, we try to have green space around us. My wife Amrapali Gupta has a lot of plants and herbs planted in our balcony which not only help in the restoration of the ecosystem in a small way but also radiate a spark of positivity. – Yash Sinha

Water conservation

Climate change is a reality because of our negligence and we must take preventative measures before it’s too late. I conserve and save water. I have substituted plastic with safer and environment-friendly materials and I am trying to grow as many plants around me while encouraging others also to do so – Vivana Singh


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