Celebs from the area don’t need to have fun Lohri to point out solidarity with protesting farmers

Gurnaaz Kaur

The three farm laws have created a stir since the protesting famers believe these laws do not uphold their rights. A day before Lohri, the Supreme Court suspended the implementation of these controversial laws. Does it mean good news? Punjabi celebrities think it isn’t a reason enough to celebrate the festival, and they would rather just wait and watch.

Harbhajan Mann, singer: “Lohri is a very special occasion in our culture. With that in mind, we shall all truly celebrate once our farmers return home safely, and triumphantly.”

Binnu Dhillon, actor: “I am not celebrating Lohri this year and I guess nobody else is. Our motherland Punjab is based on farming to a large extent. But with new farm laws no farmer is happy. When things will be normal, only then should we celebrate.”

Gurshabad, actor-singer: “I would be at the Singhu border on Lohri, where our farmers are fighting to ensure the safety of their lands. This year’s festivals would only have meaning if our lands will remain ours in the years to come.”

Jasbir Jassi, singer: I will be with the farmers on Lohri. Festivals have no meaning if the farmers are suffering. The SC ruling is a welcome step, but there is a long way to go ahead still.

Mandy Takhar, actress

I was at the Singhu border with my sister last week and did whatever I could. We can’t afford to lose more lives and therefore farmers need to be heard. The stay on laws by the Supreme Court brings hope, but it can only be counted as the first good step. Everything else, including festivals, can wait.

Arfi Lamba, actor: I am all for the farmers. It breaks my heart to see some misguided folks question the integrity of the farmers and their protest. It’s like Satyagraha. If we don’t stand by our own farmers at this moment, we are defeating the purpose of being a democratic nation.

Mehtab Virk, singer: It has been four months; earlier we held the protest in Punjab and now on Delhi borders. This stay by the Supreme Court is nothing but hogwash. They want us to go back so that this revolutionary movement weakens and then they will let the government implement the laws.

Japji Khera, actress: Lohri represents the victory of light over darkness. Today, our farmers are fighting the evil laws and only once they are victorious will there be a reason to celebrate this festival. Supreme Court’s order seems like a step in the right direction, but we can’t take away the focus from the ultimate goal.

Harish Verma, actor: For us, Punjabis, Lohri marks the New Year. It brings hope, but, unfortunately, this time due to the protest of the farmers there is no reason to rejoice.

Sonia Mann, actress: There are 1,200 women who are staying at the Mai Bhago Nivas, which I set up at the Tikri border. I can’t leave them to celebrate a festival. The Supreme Court’s stay means nothing to us. If the Supreme Court was with us, instead of the stay, they could have repealed the laws. This is just to weaken our protest.

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