Celebs be a part of #FirstSalary

#FirstSalary is the new Twitter trend that has gone viral. Using this hashtag, celebrities and netizens have been sharing how much their first salary was, at what age they earned it and how they spent it. Following the trend, director Anubhav Sinha revealed that the reason for working at the age of 18 was so that he could smoke during his engineering days. He tweeted, “First Salary – Rs 80; Age – 18; Arithmetic tuition to a class 7 student to earn for my smoking in the college.”

Hansal Mehta wrote, “First salary ndash; Rs 450 pm; Age – 16; Salesperson at Intershoppe Kemp’s Corner selling Fu’s jeans and casual wear to earn money for my junior college wardrobe.”

Filmmaker Umesh Shukla, also joined the trend and shared: “First salary ndash; Rs 35 per show. Was working backstage under the director Mahendra Joshi. Then 400 Rs as a salesman.” Actress Sayani Gupta tweeted, “First salary – Rs 12,500, Age 21, Marketing and Sales Executive in a Publishing House/Infrastructure Research Firm.”Apurva Asrani also shared, “First salary – Rs 1,000, Age: 15, sales-boy for a ‘Weekender’ clothing store on Warden Rd, so that I could vacation in Bangalore without borrowing money from my father.”

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