Celebs are hoping for higher instances as soon as the lockdown is lifted


While we are still dealing with the pandemic, the number of cases going down every single day brings along some hope — of going back to a world where one can venture out, visit loved ones and indulge in things that give joy. As the government eases restrictions and prepares for the unlock, we ask actors what they have missed the most and all that they are looking forward to!

Missing friends

I miss meeting my friends. I love to socialise. I love being around my friends. Plans are made already, just waiting for the lockdown to get over; I will obviously keep the government rules in mind and follow them.

— Shivanggi Verma, actress

Gym time

I am missing the gym badly, as I am a fitness freak. No matter how busy I am, I make sure I go to the gym every day. But due to lockdown, all gyms are closed. Though I am working-out at home these days, gym is a different feel. As soon as things get back to normal, I will hit the gym.

— Manish Verma, actor

Chill out

One thing that I am truly missing, apart from shooting, is spending time with my best friends — Bhanu and Anant. They live in different cities and it has been over a year since we last met. We have known each other from college and have been a part of each other’s journeys. Once the lockdown is over and it’s safe to travel, I’m looking forward to visiting them or having them come over and chill out just like before.

— Shubhashish Jha, actor

Travel times ahead

I miss travelling and exploring the world… I love tasting new food and collecting knick-knacks. Travelling is like therapy for me I am reading more about the places I want to visit and planning it all out. And the world is healing slowly, so I hope good times will be here soon. I totally intend to take a solo vacation and another with my family. Just a new place can change so much inside of you and heal you.

— Alankrita Sahai, actor

Theatre experience

I so miss the theatre experience, watching a film on big screen, sitting with others in a cinema hall on a lounge chair with a tub of popcorns! While TV and OTT have come handy, I will watch many films once the theatres open.

— Mugdha Godse, actress

Explore the world

I miss the travel, meeting new people and burying my head in the work I love the most. I have so far kept positive through meditation, working-out and spending quality time with the family as well as friends. I can’t wait to get back to work and travel around the world

— Karishma Kotak, actress

Meet & greet

I miss not one but so many things – meeting my friends and family, and going out. I miss a normal day, routine. I do have my immediate family with me but for over a year, I haven’t stepped out and visited my loved ones. I also had Covid-19, so I know how bad it can get! When the pandemic is completely over, I will travel and meet my extended family.

— Ishita Dutta, actress

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