Celebrities advocate constructive perspective on World Suicide Prevention Day


Had there been sufficient speak about despair and psychological well being in our society, listening to about suicides on a day-to-day foundation wouldn’t have been regular. Today on World Suicide Prevention Day, nothing may sum it higher than the current publish of Bollywood star Deepika Padukone, who runs The Live Love Laugh Foundation, which offers with psychological well being points, “As a person who has had a ‘lived’ experience with mental illness, I cannot stress enough about the importance of reaching out. Talk. Communicate. Express. Seek Help. Remember, you are no alone. We are in this together. And most importantly, there is hope.”

On the grounds of this 12 months’s theme, ‘Working Together to Prevent Suicide’, we speak to celebs about their understanding of despair and the way they’ve battled it.

Focus on routine

Shiny Dixit, actress

Shiny Dixit

“I really suffered depression; not once, but a couple of times. We know how to get up when we fall down. But to rise from a mental issue is, of course, different. Once you are in depression, and the mind is creating all your worries, it is indeed tough. At the same time, I feel when in a stressful state, if we take it one day at a time and focus on simple things of life, like our day-to-day activities, it helps us get better.”

Reformed instructional system

Singer-songwriter Ritviz, who rose to fame with Udd Gaye, just lately wrote on social media, “The only thing I have learnt is that in this journey it’s only going to get lonelier as one reaches the top. I cling hard to my parents sometimes because I’m scared… We need a reformed educational system. We need to keep in mind that many factors influence a person’s choice to end his life.”

Seek skilled assist

Gulki Joshi, actress

Gulki Joshi

“Why go to family and friends when you are depressed? If I ever face depression, then I would rather go to a counselor who can give me proper medication and point me towards the path that leads me out of it. Yes, depression is a sensitive topic, but it’s your struggle. Friends and family are there to support you, but ultimately only you can pull yourself out of that downward spiral. I think the way to prevent it is by strengthening your will-power.”

Healing contact

Yaaneea Bharadwaj, actress-model

“We need to understand that success can be part of your life, but not your life. It’s important to think positive and understand the fact that it’s okay to fail! Also, nature has immense healing powers. I stay in Kandwari village in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. I believe being around mountains and rivers can heal anyone.”

Magic of positivity

Nikkesha, actress-model


“During the darkest of times, when all hope seems lost, postpone that thought for a day by thinking of one good moment of your life. Believe in the power of one positive thought that can change the way you feel about yourself or your situation. People believe it’s brave to wear a smile to hide that you are suffering, but one can be the bravest of all by simply talking about their suffering and asking for help.”

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