BTS’ V slips on recognising Robert Downey Jr; J-Hope calls Conan O’Brien ‘Curtain’

Los Angeles, May 6

A hilarious video, of talk show host Conan O’Brien reacting to BTS band member J-Hope not knowing who he is, has gone viral.

In fact, besides not recognising Conan, band member V called Leonardo Di Caprio as “Ricaprio”, and also drew a blank when he was shown actor Robert Downey Jr’s picture.

The slip, naturally drew a massive shock reaction from the other band members! The gaffes happened when the members of BTS played a game on the talk show “Run BTS!”, where they had to recognise celebrities. This was when J-Hope got a picture of Conan, who he was unable to recognise and called him Curtain.

Reacting to this, O’Brien said in the video: “What have I meant to the world, these are just natural questions. Have I really made a difference? What is my legacy doing to this spinning blue globe that we call Earth? I got a little bit of a hint, yesterday there was a massive Variety show in Korea. The stars of this Variety show were stars of this boy band called BTS. These guys are huge, and on the Variety show they played a game, where the producers show a picture of a celebrity to BTS and then one of the guys in the band has to identify the celebrity.”

Conan continued after playing the video excerpt from the show where J-Hope didn’t recognise him. “He said I was a curtain! I have been to Korea, I was popular and ‘Curtain’! I’ll get you BTS, I’ll get you good,” he laughed.

He added: “By that I mean I will silently resent you. I have no power to do anything to you. You will go on to have huge success. We are old and you are young. I am very old and on the way out, you guys are pretty much running the world. When I say I will get you, I mean I am going to stew in my juices for quite a long time and you will be vastly unaware.”

The video has gone viral on social media and Twitter users have been reacting to it.


Another wrote: “so when are you inviting @BTS_twt to your show for the formal introductions??” — IANS

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