Bollywood celebs problem content material creators

Neha Dhupia recently called out the social media content creators for lacking innovation in their posts. She’s tired of watching the same Instagram reels, made on the same trend, over and again. The actress posted a video in which she attempts to take up a trending reel challenge but abruptly stops midway complaining that it’s just too irritating to do the same steps on the same song again and again. According to Neha, if influencers and creators really want to entertain the audience, they should at least come up with some original and unique content.

Now, Farah Khan has also joined Neha Dhupia as she agrees that original talent is already being overshadowed by endless trends on Instagram. She is also bored of the copy-pasted content that does nothing but adds to the bulk of trending content already present on the social platforms. Urging the creators for coming back with a strong defence, Farah has also posted a video on social media, emphasising that something new and catchy will turn the tables instantly! It’s high time to #SpeakUpCreators! 

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