Black day for India, says Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut seems quite disturbed by the visuals of violence during the tractor rally. She shared multiple tweets and even posted a video in which she said, “We have become a joke before the world today. We have no prestige left… If this goes on, there will be no progress in this country. Whoever supports this so-called farmers’ protest should be jailed. They have reduced our nation, its government and Supreme Court into a joke.”

The actress continued her series of tweets on Wednesday and slammed Bollywood for allegedly hiding behind the garb of entertainment and provoking terrorism.

She wrote, “This is the ‘gandagi’ and Bollywood needs to be cleaned immediately. Slyly hiding behind the garb of entertainment and provoking terrorism and violence, put them in jail if there is even an iota of law and order left in this country; these termites are eating away the bones of Bharat.”

When one user slammed singer-actor DiljitDosanjh for supporting the farmers, Kangana replied, “The problem is we still think we need to enlighten them about what they are supporting as if it will transform them. Of course they know what they doing. Danke ki chot pe they hoisted Khalistan flag on Red Fort, truth is it’s jungle raj jiski lathi us ki bhains and they had the lathi.”

Kangana feels the “message is clear no progress or reforms will be allowed; terrorism will decide the fate of this nation, not its government”.

In another tweet, Kangana urged the government to take action. She wrote, “We as a democracy have chosen a nationalistic government, yet anti-nationals are winning. Black day for India, please implement these laws ASAP and make our democracy win @PMOIndia.”

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