Belief your skills to be really aligned with the universe

Renee Singh

So often we are told by our spiritual mentors and well-meaning friends to “look within for the answers your heart desires”. It is actually all about creating a balance between the inside-self and our outward demeanor. Why is it that we are not feeling truly aligned within ourselves or with the universe? It is perhaps our own weaknesses that do not let this happen. The main reason could be the lack of confidence in our abilities. We must learn to comprehend the answers that lie in our sub-conscious mind. The moment we accept the action in our sub-conscious mind, we create a new reality.

Positive & negative

As much as our sub-conscious works towards making our desires a reality, we must understand that it can work negatively also. So, we must realise that we need to accept the power of the subconscious; only then can we comprehend its reality.

Getting results

Trust and faith are the main ingredients we need to live the life we desire. If we try to insistently make our sub-concious work, it rebels and does not give the desired result. Results have to come with our own inherent conviction, as our sub-conscious responds to our faith.

The three-fold path to success

1. Admit that you have a problem.

2. Turn over the problem to the sub-conscious mind for a solution.

3. Relax with the conviction that it is already done. Remember doubt will weaken the resolve and effectiveness.

Infinite healing power

Through relaxation and conviction, you can impregnate your sub-conscious mind. When the mind is relaxed over an idea, it allows the kinetic energy behind the idea to take over and bring it to a concrete reality.

Keep a clear focus

Do not focus on obstacles. You need to create a harmonious relationship between conscious and sub-conscious. It is important to avoid conflict between desire and imagination.

Visualisation for creation

This is considered as one of the most powerful techniques for the purpose of reaching your goals. We need to realise that this is a world where nothing happens by chance. Everything that is happening in our lives is a series of responses by the universe to all that we are creating through our own visual-mental imagery.

Create your life

Creating your own joyous self with a healthy mind, body and spirit is your prime duty. Every human being craves love and freedom. His own apprehensions and lack of conviction do not allow him to reach this state of balance. Once he is emotionally, mentally and spiritually fulfilled, this tends to be his natural state. You create your own reality by the thoughts you think, the beliefs you harbour, and the scenes you keep rehearsing in your mind.

Choose happiness

All that is happening in our lives is due to our conscious choices and desires. We must become like magnets for our desires. Attract with your thoughts and visualising techniques all things that will make you prosperous and joyous.

(Renee is a Chandigarh-based psychotherapist)

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