Bejoy Nambiar’s revenge drama is launched as a function movie in addition to net sequence

Filmmaker Bejoy Nambiar is excitedly looking forward to the audience reaction to his latest effort.

Nambiar’s upcoming project, the revenge drama Taish, was released on Thursday in the form of a feature film as well as web series. This is an unprecedented experiment in Indian showbiz.

“With every new release, the count of butterflies in my stomach increases, and right now I feel tensed, eager to know what the audience feels. There is a sense of double pressure because we have released Taish in two formats, as a full-length feature film and as a web series. Both formats have their target audience. Having said that, there is relief because there is no weekend collection and box office pressure,” the filmmaker said.

“Also, in the film we have tried to touch upon a topic that hasn’t been done in films before, so I am interested to know how people connect with it, as well as the characters of the story,” he added.

The plot of revenge is set against the backdrop of a big fat Indian wedding in London. “I wrote a short story about an incident. Then Solo released. After that I started working on another subject and, quite organically, I was able to connect that story with the short story that I wrote previously. Connecting these two turned out to be the story of Taish,” he added.—IANS

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