Being sluggish and regular is the very best: Singer Sukhwinder Singh

New Delhi, August 13

Sukhwinder Singh feels that being “slow and steady” is the easiest way to dwell.

The Bollywood singer, who has lent his voice for an anthem track “Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai” launched by beverage model Mountain Dew on the event of Independence Day, says “consistency” is what has helped him via the lockdown interval.

“Consistency does work very well. Live with consistency and efficiency. I have come to know that slow and steady is the best. Action and relaxation is the best way to live. I do that. When I go for recording or concerts, I come to action. When I go back home, I do not do any kind of activity. I completely relax. I prepare myself for action,” Singh instructed IANSlife in an interview.

“I’m consistent and have been since I was a child. For three years, 2007-2009, I sang only seven songs but that didn’t upset me. Four of the seven songs got Filmfare awards. People used to say that this was the reason why I was relaxed. But it was not true. This quality of mine has worked well for me during this lockdown,” he revealed.

The ‘Chhaiyya Chhaiyya’ singer provides, “Being in tension all day, giving attention to everything that is happening, thinking about whose songs are working, questioning why my song didn’t work; that’s not healthy. Our film industry is not a one man show. We have so many talented people, who are passionate like me.”

He added: “The only thing that bothered me was thinking about the people who were homeless. People used to ask me why I don’t help them like others are doing. My reply to them was ‘may be I didn’t click pictures’. I did what I could have done. The lockdown came as an accident, if this year I won’t do 50-100 shows, my music will not go away from me. I won’t forget my music. I must take care of myself.”   

Speaking in regards to the track, the Bollywood hitmaker mentioned: “What I love the most about this track is the great energy it has. The tagline is very strong and fruitful. ‘Darr’ (fear) is like two sides of a coin. We always think about how we will succeed if we get scared. But when you get to know that you can overcome your fear to become a winner, we will invest ourselves into it. I must appreciate Ram Sampath, the composer who combined his score with the song ‘Yeh Desh Hai Veer Jawano Ka’ from the movie ‘Naya Daur’. It is fantastic. I am very excited about this anthem. Mountain Dew has done something memorable for the country. I truly appreciate this.” IANS

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