Because the world steps out, it’s time to make a trend assertion with a pop of color, gold foil, prints and sequins

Gurnaaz Kaur

This season in fashion has been different with work-from-home being the deciding factor in many ways. A list of must-haves, colour palette to choose from, formal and casual-wear; how to mix and match or add that oomph with accessories… Here are the latest trends for this winter.

Monisha Jaising
Sonu Gandhi

It’s as much a season of pop colours, as it is of versatile neutral tones. “These brighten everyone’s day and elevate the wardrobe instantly. Rather than going for traditional shades, try your hand at something loud, such as blue or red. Let it be your day-time look or may be in office and carry it on as party-wear; these bright colours with fabric masks can be perfect for everyone,” says celebrity designer Monisha Jaising.

Versatile creations by designer Aina Mahajan

Mix & match

Melodrama founder Aina Mahajan believes it is a mix of basics and pastels. “People are opting for versatile pieces. For the day, print is definitely a personal favourite, be it tie and dye or subtle florals. A denim jacket with detailing or even motifs would make the perfect addition to your wardrobe.”Although the transition is quite seamless for varied occasions, but for those who like to compartmentalise, designer Sonu Gandhi says, “For office one can never go wrong with whites, blacks and navy blues. For parties, you can rock with ultramarine green, mandarin red or any silver or gold.”

People are too used to being at home now and wearing comfortable athleisure. Adds Monisha “The mindset has changed; no more very tight and heavy clothing or six-inch heels; it is all a matter of the past. It is all about comfort and multi-functional clothing now.”

Aina Mahajan

Shine out

Aina prefers more accessories, “Layered chokers and chain necklaces, stacked bracelets or statement earrings — I love them all. The more you add, the better your look becomes.”

Monisha, on the other hand, thinks even minimal touch of jewels can highlight your ensemble. “With western outfit, one should only wear a pair of earrings or layer the necklaces and chains; simple and easy.” A tip in this department from Sonu is, “Match your masks with your outfits; same fabrics, same colours. Rely more on wardrobe neutrals and classic pieces. Monochrome look with a hint of bling is going to rock this season.”

Top five trends

  1. Pronounced shoulders: Big, puffy shoulders are popular these days. Many celebrities are seen donning dresses like that. This style gives a sense of authority and is your first step to power dressing.
  2. Flared-leg pants: There is nothing more versatile than a flared pant, especially in denim. It looks stylish and is comfortable.
  3. Go oversize: It is not just stylish and comfortable, but it makes your presence felt. Be it a shirt, jacker of sweatshirt… Choose the clothing that celebrates movement.
  4. Monochrome: There is nothing more flattering than a solid-coloured outfit from head to toe.
  5. Layer it up: Layering your clothes is an art with endless possibilities.

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