Because the second wave of Covid surges, celebs share their best studying from the pandemic

Gurnaaz Kaur

Things are going from bad to worse. Over a year since we first went under lockdown to control the spread of Covid-19 and the fight continues! The need for preparedness has grown like never before. There have been several life lessons that this difficult phase has taught us. We reached out to celebs to ask what the pandemic has taught them.

Empathy & compassion

Pranutan Bahl

The learning that has been most relevant in the past one year is that you need to have empathy and compassion not only for the people you live with, but also for society at large. Covid is spreading due to irresponsible behaviour; if you just wear a mask and keep social distancing in mind, you can literally save a life. I was recently shooting in Chandigarh and visited an open-air market to pick up some dupattas for my mom and myself; there was a lady out there without a mask and the shopkeeper just snapped at her, ‘Madam please apna mask upar keejiye, nahi toh yahan pe mat aayiye’. I thought that was fantastic discipline.

Mind control

Abhishek Khan

I got Covid last year. It did take a toll on me as my whole family was infected, except my mother. We figured how it can restrict you as a person in so many ways. But what kept us going was meditation. It helped us stay calm. We also made sure to avoid all the negativity that was floating on social media. Being able to control the mind was the biggest learning. I feel giving priority to your mental health is of utmost importance.

Stay at home

Sarah Jane Dias

My learning is that you can never take life for granted. Ideally, we should have been more careful with wearing masks and social distancing because everyone knew that there is an imminent second wave. Let’s be more considerate towards each other. To be able to get past this, the least we can do is stay at home and therefore lessen the burden on our medical system.

Value of money

Freddy Daruwala

I personally feel the current situation has exposed the loopholes in our system. We Indians are emotionally very strong and helpful. What works for me is to remember that each of my actions will have a reaction, so I don’t put my family, society and ecosystem’s health at risk. I’ve also learnt that as an individual one must understand the value of money and other resources, and not waste them.

Being cautious

Payal Gosh

One way to look at this time is to find endless faults in the system and the other is to be on the watch for your own health. These are little things, but I’ve made them a part of my daily routine. Washing hands, sanitising everything that comes from outside and taking regular steam. It helps.

Follow a routine

Malvi Malhotra

This second wave is extremely dangerous. Apart from taking all the precautions, we have to stop panicking. When we panic, our immunity reduces. Before the pandemic, it was all about work and no routine, but I understood the importance of good sleep and how it boosts our immunity. I think, it is high time we gave importance to our routine.

stick to rules Soundarya Sharma

The times are challenging and unprecedented. We should all follow the rules. They are there for a reason. The sab chalta hai attitude needs to end; that’s the least we can do.

Spare a thought

Alankrita Sahai

This is war, in case we have not paid keen attention! We are living in an age of mindboggling prosperity and abundance, yet there are clusters of millions of starving children and sick people. This pandemic has removed all the gaps. We must share and we must serve, and we cannot live in our oasis of luxury, indifferent to the heart-breaking misery and death all around us. Being human and becoming humane is the only option for us all, no matter who or what or where or how we live.

Love & care

Nikita Rawal

It is all very scary. I have lost so many dear ones due to Covid and it’s just getting worse. No money or fame is going to save lives. Kindness is the key. My understanding is that we should stop being selfish, and think of ways to spread love and care to make it through this time.

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