Because the nation will get sucked into the Covid disaster, celebs register themselves for vaccine


The second wave of Covid has made it clear that the virus does not differentiate between the old and the young. Thus, making vaccines our best shot to fight the pandemic—a preventive measure better than the cure that hasn’t been discovered yet. Here we look at celebrities who got vaccinated to set a precedent or have registered themselves to wait for their first jab.

Busting the myth

Surya Sharma, actor

I have registered myself on on April 28. Now, I am just waiting for the scheduling to appear. The situation is critical and there’s one way to survive it, vaccination. There are people who believe that the vaccine will give them fever or it can also cause Covid, which is not true. I have ensured that those around me, like three of my house-help, should get vaccinated and registered them too while doing it for myself.

Ignore the pitfalls

Kamalpreet Singh, actor

I am in favour of the vaccine and will register for it in a day or two. I know it is not the cure but it still acts as a shield. My parents have got it. Yes, there were reactions to the vaccine, like fever and headache, but it all seem nothing in front of all the are sufferings.

Delay no further

Aniruddh Dave

I am taking all necessary precautions, but you never know when you might contract the virus. That’s why to get vaccinated is important. Also, we need to take both the doses as directed and then after two weeks, antibodies start forming in the body. So, we should not delay and get ourselves registered for the vaccine.

Avoid chaos

Saahil Uppal, actor

Many places have reported shortage of vaccines and people have to go back home without getting their shots. So, I think we need to make sure that we have enough doses or else it might lead to an unwanted chaos. Everyone wants to beat the virus and hopefully we all will be able to if we behave responsibly and wait for our turn to get vaccinated.

It’s not the cure!

Priyamvada Kant, actor

Even with proper precautions people are still contracting the virus. I understand that vaccination does not guarantee 100 per cent safety, but it will at least give us some protection from the severity of the disease. Having said that, I feel people shouldn’t feel that once vaccinated they can live the way they want. They should still continue taking all precautions.

Don’t think twice

Delnaaz Irani, actor

There’s no reason for people to think twice on getting vaccinated. Now that everyone above 18 is allowed to take both the doses, just get over with it at the earliest. This will also help us bringing down the pressure faced by almost all the industries in terms of logistics, manpower and other aspects. I myself will be taking the vaccine.

Registered and waiting

Poonam Sood, actor

Amid this pandemic, it is our duty as a responsible citizen to get ourselves vaccinated. It is my request to not give in to myths and misconceptions circulating about this vaccination. I registered on Friday morning and now will wait for the message from the official site to get vaccinated.

And that’s how it’s done!

Celebs of the likes of SonuSood, Malaika Arora, Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit, Anil Kapoor and Rohit Shetty took to their social media to share their pictures of getting vaccinated with the followers to encourage them to do the needful. While Madhuri had a message to share, “Got my second jab today. I urge everyone to get vaccinated as soon as it’s available to you. #StayHomeStaySafe, Anil Kapoor posted a picture of him getting the vaccine with a caption, “Done with the second dose.”

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