Baking a cake for spouse Anushka Sharma is Virat Kohli’s standout quarantine story

Mumbai, July 26

India skipper Virat Kohli was at his candid finest when teammate Mayank Agarwal quizzed him concerning numerous issues off the sphere. With the rising COVID-19 instances within the nation, Indian cricketers have needed to be content material with staying at dwelling and conserving themselves busy by partaking with followers on social media.

In this newest video uploaded on BCCI’s Twitter deal with, Agarwal quizzed Kohli in a rapid-fire spherical and the India captain gave solutions in his personal inimitable model. 

Agarwal acknowledged off by asking Kohli: “What is your best quarantine story?” “I baked a cake for the first time in my life on Anushka’s birthday. So, will be a standout quarantine story for me because I hadn’t baked a cake before in my life,” Kohli stated.

“And I baked a good cake in my first attempt. So I will always remember that and she told me she loved the cake, which is very very special.” Agarwal then requested: “A new skill-set you found during quarantine?” “I wouldn’t say skill-set because skill-set is something you can learn as a hobby as well as while on tour. Those are the things that you can,” the 31-year-old stated.

“But this phase has made me realise is that it is very important to focus on life in general and then cricket is a part of it.” Agarwal’s subsequent query was: “One work-out routine that Virat Kohli doesn’t like to do and one which he likes?”

“I hate doing split squat holds, especially the ones which go over a minute and a half. The second exercise I hate is Bulgarian squat holds with heavier dumbbells,” he stated. 

“And the one that I can’t live without is power snatch. Cleans and power snatch I can do everyday of the week, for an hour non-stop, and will be absolutely fine.”

Agarwal additionally requested Kohli’s concerning his go-to recipe and Kohli quipped: “Go-to recipe is steamed rice and ‘lahsuni palak’ along with bhindi (ladyfinger).” IANS

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