Astrologically talking

Don’t reveal your secrets

Adaa Khan

You will get a plenty of work but you will have to work hard. Don’t get involved in other people’s affairs. You can get hurt in friendships, so be careful. After March, you will be offered a new venture. Don’t reveal your secrets to anyone and take care of your diet.

Avoid your ego

Shivin Narang

The year 2021 is going be great. You will remain very busy. You will soon get a good venture but be careful while selecting things and don’t involve your ego in anything. If you have a good partner in your love life, don’t let that person go. Be careful of not getting hurt.

Busy times ahead: Aly Goni

The year will be eventful. At the same time a lot of emotional people will enter your life. You will get a chance to star in a film or a web series. You will also get an award. But it is very important for you to have complete control over your anger. Don’t go after anyone.

Stay away from controversies

Avinash Mishra

The next year will be very challenging for you and you will have to work hard and with complete dedication. You need to be totally involved in your work and avoid courting controversies. Bad company will get you into trouble.

Grab the opportunities: Shashank Vyas

You will get new opportunities but you will have to concentrate on your work. Make sure to keep the aura around you positive and concentrate on your working style. Don’t get distracted. You will get recognition and will be offered good roles in films. This year will be good for your career but beware of depressive spells.

Happy times ahead: Sharad Malhotra

The next year will bring a lot of happiness, money and productive work. You will get a lot of recognition, rewards and domestic bliss. There might be a health-related issue next year. Take care of your aggression because it can cause problems in relationships.

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