Astrologer-turned-director Santosh Upadhyay likes to experiment with completely different genres

How did you decide to make a movie on superstitions surrounding the menstrual cycle?

I would like to share an incident where a 12-year-old Brahmin girl, who had just got her first periods, came to me for advice. Troubled, she asked me an innocent question – ‘why do we get periods?’ The question shook me to the core and I decided to make a film on this. You can expect it to release in May 2021.

Do you think you can really bring about a change?

I would like to answer this question by talking about Raja Ram Mohan Roy’s era when Sati was prevalent. But he fought against it and made a difference. So, I believe that even a small spark can bring about a change.

Do you think the message of the movie will create an impact on the minds of youngsters?

This generation is a ‘why’ generation. They need answers to this ‘why’! They will only accept things that will have proper justification, proof and logic. I have offered that.

What made you decide Nitanshi Goel would be perfect for the role?

Due to the Covid situation, everyone was sending their audition clips to me. My main reason for taking Nitanshi Goel on board was her sincerity. I am confident that when people will watch her in my film, praise will flow.

Any other social topic on which you plan to make a show or a movie in the future?

Yes. The topic in my next film will revolve around romance and love. The new generation has a lot of misconceptions about love. My film will revolve around this topic. The title will be Prem Dhun.

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