Arduous work is the important thing, says actor ‘Arduous work is the important thing’

The poster of Tandoor is out. What kind of feedback have you received from your fans, friends and family?

The response has been overwhelming; full marks to Nivedita Basu (director) and Ullu app for putting this together.

How did you come on board for Tandoor?

Nivedita Basu and I have been discussing about Tandoor for quite some time now, and were supposed to start working on it March 2020 onwards when the lockdown happened. Nivedita wanted me to look a certain way and I needed time to achieve that look. Finally, things worked out. My role in Tandoor is one that any actor would kill for, literally.

What kind of preparations went in for the project?

Playing a character inspired by true events is difficult. This character is not an outright villain, but he is definitely lingering on the edges of what may be constituted as a villain. I had to change a lot about myself, both physically and mentally.

How has the experience of working with Nivedita Basu been?

Our association goes back to ten years when I was a newcomer and she has already established herself. We developed a bond and spoke about working with each other, which finally happened with Tandoor.

Do you think web has given you a new identity as an actor?

Web gave me the kind of opportunity and acceptance that I have been searching for. I still remember I signed Inside Edge on 5th May 2016, the very day when my film One Night Stand was released and bombed at the box-office. I just feel everything is pre-written!

What do you think impacts one’s career — luck, destiny or talent?

It’s a combination of all three. And the fourth important component is hard work, which is the key… You have to put your head down, wear your blinkers and work day in and day out, sometimes it takes a lot more time to get there. Hard work is the key.

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