Anirudh Kaushal marks his debut with the tune, Sach Manu Ya Fareb. Composed by Vipin Patwa, it has crossed the million mark already


The artiste in you always finds a medium to express. Chandigarh lad, Anirudh Kaushal had a leaning towards music from the very beginning. In between learning tabla and harmonium to playing badminton and cricket during school time, he doesn’t know when music struck a chord with his soul and made him pursue a career in it. For his debut song, Sach Manu Ya Fareb, he has collaborated with Bollywood singer and composer, Vipin Patwa.

Released two weeks ago under the label of Zee Music Company, the song has garnered one million views. “I had lost 10kg for the video and it was worth it. I have always related to the sad romantic genre more and it was the first song that I was sure would be relatable for the audience,” says Anirudh. Being a Punjabi, did the thought of making a Punjabi pop number ever occur to him and he quips, “It is not about what is popular among the masses, it is more about what attracts you as an artiste. My father used to sing occasionally and because of him, I was introduced to ghazals at a very tender age. Love, heartbreak, and intense emotions appeal to me very naturally. I would definitely be exploring other genres but it’s good to start with what you know the best.”

Even though he managed to make a musical debut, it doesn’t give Anirudh an impression that he has learnt enough. He adds, “I have been training for three years and will continue to grow, make mistakes and learn from them. Music is a vast subject and perfecting it in a lifetime is not easy let alone few years.” His song Sach Manu Ya Fareb was shot in Chandigarh. It also features Jannat Khurana and Shubham Sharma. While the audio was released in February 2020, it took about a year to make the music video available to listeners. An Arts graduate from Panjab University, Anirudh says, “The mixture of modern-day love and inspiring stories when sold in powerful music composition hit a chord with the listeners.”

Working with Bollywood composer, he says, “was an experience worth remembering. I took it as a learning curve and count on many such in future. From the moment I sang for the first time in a school play to recording for this song, I genuinely feel content in what I do. The listeners grow with time, but the process is beautiful in itself.” He plans to take up live shows and sing more cover songs as well as originals this year.

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