Angad Bedi has actually given his blood and sweat to play the character of Bhaskar Shetty, an encounter specialist, within the net collection Mum Bhai

Gurnaaz Kaur

t looks like the crime-thriller genre has become the go-to choice of netizens. OTT platforms are replete with choices and AltBalaji and Zee5 Club are all set to relay the latest thriller show Mum Bhai that stars Angad Bedi, Sikandar Kher and Sandeepa Dhar.

It’s a story about underworld dons and gangsters of the 90s, which is inspired by true incidents. Angad plays an encounter specialist, and is the protagonist in the show. It has been extremely challenging and emotionally draining for the actor to play the part. As he puts it, “You can say that I’ve given my sweat and blood to this project. Because I’ve had many injuries while shooting for this show. I’ve had a knee surgery, which I had during the pandemic. It was an injury that I suffered during an action sequence. We had shot for 20 days before the lockdown and then we had to take a break because I was injured and the lockdown happened. I had physiotherapy sessions at home through whatsapp calls.”

Once he got back on his feet, the team shot for another 30 days and wrapped up the show recently. Angad is now hoping that the fruits of his labour are sweet. “There are some projects that take the life out of you and this one is one of those. It makes your journey so hard that even before the release you are sure that it will be a sweet success.”

Having gone through such pain and turmoil, does he regret signing the show? Angad says, “Not at all. Tomorrow if I have to do this show again and someone tells me that 20 days down the line you will have an injury which would take five months to recover, I will still say yes. This show has been worth all the pain that I’ve gone through physically and emotionally.” Sharing details about his character, Angad says Bhaskar Shetty is an underdog and therefore quite relatable. “He comes from a humble family but he’s ambitious. Yes, he is earnest and hardworking but he is also enamoured by high society and media attention. He is no super hero, he is a regular guy. He makes mistakes like you and me. He is ignorant, he is lovable, funny, stupid all at the same time.”

Mum Bhai is based on real-life incidents in Mumbai. Though a Delhite, Angad has much love for the city. “I’ve been fascinated by the culture of Mumbai from my younger days. Cricket and cinema unite our country and both are extremely popular in Mumbai. It is a cosmopolitan city that attracts people from all walks of life. Personally, this city has given me everything.”

Doting daddy

Angad’s life now revolves around his daughter Mehr, who he says is growing to be naughty child. As her second birthday is approaching the parents have all the plans for a celebration. “We are going to celebrate her birthday in Delhi.”

According to Angad, Mehr is following in her mother’s footsteps, “And if there’s someone who can replace Neha as the gang leader in Roadies, it will be Mehr.”

Happy husband

Thrilled to talk about his family, Angad is all for marriage. “Yes, it is a different world today and people think staying single is the best thing but trust me, marriage settles a person, a man especially. It makes you centred. Before I got married, I wasn’t doing well professionally, I was struggling. It is only after marriage that things fell in place. Marriage and starting a family teaches you a lot in life. It makes you a better person.”

So, when do we get to see Angad and Neha together on screen? “Whenever a good project comes our way.”

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