Aneesha Madhok all set for Hollywood

I’m a Delhi-based Punjabi girl from a business family. My mother is an entrepreneur and my father runs a luxury travel company. I did my schooling in Delhi and in school I enjoyed subjects like psychology, English literature, theatre and dancing. That’s how acting started.

  • Who inspired you to become an actor?

As a two-year-old, I would dance all the time. When I turned four, my mom made me take part in a dance competition. On stage, I improvised a dance on Nimura Nimura and won the competition. It was my mom who realised that I belonged to the world of art.

  • How did you land a role in Bully High?

In college, I was cast as the lead in the play Infidel by Christopher Vened. On the last day of the show, Bill McAdams Jr was sitting in the audience and he spotted me on stage. He told Christopher that he was interested in casting me in his upcoming movie Bully High.

  • This movie is inspired by the 9/11 attack. How is the movie different from the ones made on the same topic?

This is the first movie in Hollywood with a Muslim female character who wears a hijab. This is what makes it different from other 9/11 movies because this movie shows the impact 9/11 had on innocent Sikh, Muslim, and Indian- Americans who were victims of bullying.

  • Have you done anything on the OTT platform?

I acted in a short film in college titled How Does That Make You Feel, directed by Raj Rohit Reddy and it is now on Hotstar Disney +.

  • What is your opinion on Indian content vs American content?

I think Indian content varies depending on which region it belongs to. American content has a wider range of genres. Their comedies are very different and in my opinion American humour cannot be replicated.

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?

When I was 17, I founded El Tamim Productions under which I wrote and staged the play Aliza-Free. I also have my own stand-up comedy show. So, I see myself acting, doing comedy and writing on a larger scale.

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