Amid this raging pandemic, celebs inform us the best way to keep match—bodily and mentally

Gurnaaz Kaur

Between quarantine and lockdown, the words that have changed our reality, we’ve surely understood that health is the real wealth. It’s not just about being physically fit but also includes emotional and mental well-being. Still seeking inspiration, the Bollywood industry is where fit is fabulous and these celebrities tell you how to stay healthy and maintain your Zen.

Do what you love

We see her posting videos of dance and workouts but Alaya F says preserving your mental health is of prime importance. She says, “Get enough sleep, do what makes you happy, develop new hobbies, avoid being on your phone for too long, do your workout, make sure to eat healthy, don’t forget the sun intake- Vitamin D is important and last but not the least, don’t be afraid, ashamed or hesitate to ask for help.”

The yoga girl

Jacqueline Fernandez thinks if it wasn’t the entertainment business, she would have been into fitness. Her secret to staying fit is yoga. As she says, “Let’s be honest, it’s not so easy or fun to do something around fitness but it does make you feel great when you make that effort.” A bit of cardio, some dance, martial arts, strength training and her favourite yoga, Jacqueline does it all.

Maintain sleep cycle

Looking at the current scenario, Minissha Lamba feels we must emphasise enough on sleep. She says, “Don’t let your sleep cycle go for a toss. Even in these times. Wake up early, get some sun. It is very important. Try and take some Zumba or dance or cardio-based workout exercise on YouTube. It will help keep all the happy hormones flowing and allow you an intense cardio workout in limited space.”

Eat right

For Aarya Babbar, any kind of fitness starts with diet. “Sitting at home, one tends to binge-eat junk foods and completely forgets how fattening that is. So, I think everyone must follow intermittent fasting. That’s the easiest thing to do to stay fit. Avoid milk, instead have black coffee and green tea during the fasting hours.”

This is half the battle won. The remaining half, Aarya explains, is, “Workout is a must but remember not to exert yourself. Know your body type and choose who to follow accordingly.”

Catch your breath

Lunchbox actress Nimrat Kaur feels, apart from exercise and right eating, this is the time to pay attention to our breath. “There’s so much noise around with all the bad news. So, I make sure to do a little pranayama, just to keep the mind centred and silent. Another must-do is keeping your respiratory tract healthy and clean. Take steam regularly, stay clear of inviting any respiratory tract issues.”

Look within

There is a lesson in every phase of life and Namit Das suggests we must look within. “While a lot needs to be questioned as humanity, as human beings it’s time to focus on yourself. I am into meditation and yoga and that’s what I would recommend to everyone.”

For body & soul

Shefali Jariwala has been following yoga for years. “That’s for its health benefits but since the pandemic, I started meditating. Combining these helps take care of my body, mind and soul.”

Vidya Malavade seconds Shefali’s thought. She says, “Give priority to mental health. Include some yoga asanas at home if you can but do not skip pranayama and meditation. I have been teaching breathwork practices to strengthen immunity and alleviate stress.

Mask up guys

Calling it an essential health tip, Madam Chief Minister actor Akshay Oberoi says wearing a mask and washing hands top the list. “Knowing the circumstances, I can’t lay enough emphasis on how important it is to mask up and follow basic hygiene. ”

Stay positive

Among ways to make being at home interesting, Rajneish Duggal recommends, “Start with deep breathing for 10 minutes and then a 30-45 minute workout using your own body weight – like pull ups, push-ups, planks and basic crunches. Even doing 100/100 plain kicks is good. It’s about keeping the circulation going. For the mind, it’s most important to meditate every day and visualise positive things. Try playing a board game.”

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