Ambition shouldn’t cloud your judgement, says Taher Shabbir

What made you accept the second season of this show?

The reason why I am a part of Bekaaboo 2 is because of the script and the potential my character Kiyan has. When I read the script, I had to work on my body language as I play a grey character out to seek revenge.

Tell us something about Bekaaboo 2?

AltBalaji’s Bekaaboo 2 picks up right where Season 1 left off, the psycho-thriller follows young author Anaysha, who shot to fame overnight owing to a book she wrote not so ethically.

What is special about your character?

My character Kiyan is borderline psychotic and seeks revenge on quite a few people, especially Ananysha and Kashti. Kiyan doesn’t let things go and doesn’t forgive quickly. Season 2 will see a more evolved version of my character.

What are your expectations?

This series has been popular among the youth. Season 1 was received so well, so I’m pretty sure it will be better with Season 2. I am excited to find out how it looks on screen as well as the audience’s reaction.

What’s your take on OTT boon in India?

OTT platforms are the future of the entertainment industry. The way things are going it might be possible that people will only prefer OTT as they are easily accessible and at any place.

How was your experience working with your co-stars?

I loved working with all of them. I had a different equation off-camera with all of them.

As an actor do you expect it to be a winner in the thriller category?

How it is going to be received is not in our hands but as an actor, I have given my one hundred per cent. I want the show to be fabulous and the one that stays with the audience.

How was the shooting experience with Covid restrictions?

I was excited to face the camera after a brief hiatus. It felt like a homecoming of sorts. While the makers ensured that all the guidelines were followed on the sets, actors were also being extra cautious.

What is that one message you would like to share with your fans?

That ambition shouldn’t cloud your judgement and that pulling people down in order to grow isn’t the solution. One should always work on one’s inner self. 

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