All of us have a comic book aspect, believes actress Sonal Vengurlekar

  • Tell us more about your role in Gupta Brothers…

I play Jaya, who is a neighbour of these four brothers. She falls for one of the brothers knowing that he is a bal brahamchari. She keeps trying to lure him. Jaya is a very jovial person who loves to do atrangi things in life.

  • How is this show different from other comic shows?

It is a light-hearted comedy and has a subtle approach. You cannot expect 100 per cent comedy from the show.

  • What preparations did you do to play your character?

My character has a decent level of comic lines, so as preparatory measures I borrowed experiences and situations from real-life people. I connected with my friends over video calls to ask for their atrangi moments in life. It was surprising to know that we all have this comic side in us, which knowingly or unknowingly comes out either in form of words or expressions.

  • You cited financial issues a few months back. What is the situation now?

Thankfully the situation is better now. Only when I explained my situation to the world, the producers started paying me in installments. It is unfortunate that I had to tell the world of my situation for the producers to realise it.

  • Are you planning to have another source of income?

I really want to have another source of income and I am trying to figure that out. Having experienced a situation which was very stressing, I really do not want to rely only on acting. There are many actors who have multiple or joint business ventures and I would like to do the same.

  • If not an actor, what would you have been?

I love cooking, so I would’ve been a chef.

  • Tell us about your fitness regimen…

I have been following intermittent fasting since some time now. It does not emphasise on what to eat but when to eat. In 24 hours, I fast for 20 hours and eat for four hours.

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