Akshit Sukhija’s Shubharambh goes off air quickly. The actor tells us why…

When is the show going off-air? Have you already

wrapped up the shoot?

The show will go off-air just before Diwali, and we haven’t wrapped up yet. We are yet to shoot two or three more episodes.

The show was doing quite well. Why is it going off-air?

It was doing quite well before the pandemic. After the lockdown, when we started shooting again, we couldn’t get the desired TRPs. Then when I tested positive for Covid-19, they had to change the storyline and I think people did not like it because they wanted to see Raja and Rani (Mahima Makwana’s character) together. And I guess that affected the show.

Are your disappointed?

I am satisfied that we were able to air at least 175 episodes, and it’s a big milestone. But I wish the show ran a little longer.

How did you contribute to the show?

Mahima and my chemistry definitely gave a kick to the show. It was a fresh and young pair, and people loved to see us together.

Did you connect with your character Raja?

I would say there are some aspects of Raja which I can relate to, like his calmness, loving nature and the fact that he is a family man.

As an actor do you take every new show as a new adventure?

I am upset that the show is ending, but at the same time, I am looking forward to exploring myself as an actor. I am open to everything, be it TV, web, or films. I feel every show takes you on a new journey and it teaches you so many things. So, I am okay with moving on in life and I am excited to open the next chapter.

What kind of roles do you want to do?

I would love to play a grey shade. 

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