Actress Pranitaa Pandit lately visited a farm together with her household

Pranitaa Pandit, who was last seen as Rekha in Kawach 2, recently visited a farm with her family. Sharing details, the actress says, “I visited a farm by the name Farmonics, which is located in the outskirts of Delhi. It is owned by my brother Gaurav Sahu. The farm is into hydroponic vegetables which are organic and healthy. I really wanted to expose Anysha (daughter) to nature. I eat lot of green vegetables so I wanted to introduce her to that as well. I wanted her to touch the greenery and experience different shapes and colours. That’s a great way to learn.”

She adds, “She was keen on touching and experiencing all the new things. Lately, Anysha has visited only the nearest park. We have not been to any crowded places. We are only going to isolated places.”

About Anysha, the proud mom says,” She is extremely happy and not cranky while travelling. At least she has never created any problems while travelling.

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